14 julio, 2019


I’ve been invited to create a unique Sweet tasting Menu, together with an excellent sommelier, Alexandre Jean. We will be serving this 6 cours sweet menu […]
20 mayo, 2019

Consulting at “Es tast de na Silvia”, Menorca

Last week I was in Menorca, one of the most beautiful Islands I’ve ever been to, that are part of the Balearic Islands in Spain. I’ve […]
1 abril, 2019

Visiting Cocoa Plantations in Bali, Indonesia

Travelling is one one of my favorite things to do, after pastry. This time I was Bali, Indonesia, which I hadn’t visited for years. There I […]
11 marzo, 2019

Consulting at “Le Gârde Champêtre”, Champagne

I have spent this last week creating a dessert menu for the restaurant “Le Garde Champêtre”, a beautiful restaurant in Champagne, Côtes des Bar, France. Their […]
19 febrero, 2019

Masterclass “Petit fours et Mignardises” at GASMA University, Valencia.

It’s thesecond time I have the chance to visit and give a Masterclass at Gasma Univestiry in Valencia, Spain. This time, for the pupils of the […]
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